Tickets Shimshai Berlin Concert,  in Berlin
Shimshai`s Summer Openair Berlin Concert

Tickets für Shimshai Berlin Concert 22.08.19 in Berlin, Evangelische Brüdergemeine Neukölln

Donnerstag 22.08.19
Einlass: 18:00, Beginn: 19:00
Evangelische Brüdergemeine Neukölln, Kirchgasse 14 – 17 , 12043 Berlin

Tickets zu Shimshai Berlin Concert Berlin

Shimshai Berlin Concert 23,00 € 


Another living legend is coming to Berlin!

Don`t miss this exclusive ceremonial SHIMSHAI Concert, supported by Tuulia, Anir Leben and Erik Manouz!

***happy update***
the perfect location came to us!
The 275 year old church of the "evangelische Brüdergemeine Berlin" is opening her doors for us and  Pfarrer Christoph Hartmann is welcoming us with an open heart!.
It was only because he felt a good spirit behind this modern prayer and Shimshais music, that we are able to be in his church.
He was standing 100% behind us to get the whole Gemeinde to agree with this special evening there.
More than this, the official "BRÜDERCHOR OF NEUKÖLLN" will start the evening with their sacred chants!!!
We will invite poor people from his Gemeinde for free to come and sing with us for unity ,peace and love!


Since more than 2 decades Shimshai is one of the world-wide leading musicians in the field of spiritual, soul touching medicine music.from all corners of the planet.
With his allways refreshing mix of styles and influencs from Rastafarian Cultures, Native Tribal Music, Camino Rojo Medicine Music and Sacred World Music,
his concerts and music is his way to devote his life for a bigger cause.
Healing the world through music.

Come and join this colourfull prayer for life and join this special oppertunity.

Enjoy a long afternoon and evening with joy and good vibes,

Shimshai will introduce his new CD Project
together with a mix of his musical highlights of the last 20 years.

Come early and enjoy some of Berlins young high vibe musicians Tuulia, Anir and Erik to support this unforgattable evening.

If you don`t know SHIMSHAI`S music






Evangelische Brüdergemeine Berlin, Kirchgasse 14 – 17 12043 Berlin

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